About Us

The Clean Sell has helped hundreds of businesses transition from their current struggles to a structured, scalable and effective sales strategy.

Throughout a company’s lifecycle, there are key inflection points where a lack of sales knowledge, process and accountability can sabotage a business. These include:

  • Validating whether there is market for a new business, business line or idea

  • A new funding round with a directive and imperative to scale sales

  • Growth has stagnated and conversion rates are running low

  • Warm network and referrals have begun to run dry or are no longer providing sustained growth

  • You have identified all the low-hanging sales fruit and are out of leads

  • Your sales team is no longer producing the results it once did

We fill these and many other gaps for our clients. If something on the list rings true, let’s talk!


Our Founder


Dom Cappuccilli - CEO

Dom Cappuccilli has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to not only tell a better sales story, but also built many of their sales efforts from the ground up. He combines the power of a trained storyteller with the real world experience of an elite salesperson. In fact, he became an elite salesperson because he was a trained storyteller.

After 10 years as a reporter, author and screenwriter, Dom found his calling when he rewrote the sales story of a fast-growing healthcare company and doubled their revenue in six months. From there, he quickly rose to be a sales leader at unicorn startup ZocDoc - currently valued at $1.8B - before going to Arches Technology where he created and sold an entirely new healthcare technology product to health systems.


During his time in the startup and small business world, Dom met many founders and was amazed that almost all of them were succeeding in spite of their sales effort and strategy, not because of it. The Clean Sell was born soon thereafter and in time since its founding has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to not only tell a better sales story, but also built many of their sales efforts, processes and teams from the ground up.


“It’s impossible to measure all the value The Clean Sell has provided to our systems and business as a whole.”

–Anthony Marrone |  Founder, The Marrone Law Firm, Author & Serial Entrepreneur