About Us

The Clean Sell has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs use the power of storytelling to make their businesses thrive and their dreams a reality.

Most small business owners know every detail about their product or service: What it does, how it helps and all the features that make it the best in the market. They have a beautiful demo, deck and case studies to share in pitches. Everyone they speak to compliments them on their presentation.

Then… silence. A week goes by. Then a month. The deal loses steam and never closes, leaving the business owner scratching their head wondering where they went wrong.

Sound familiar? The truth is, people you’re selling to don’t care about you or your product. They care about how to solve their problems. And, until you start effectively telling the story of their problem, nothing else matters.


Our Founder


Dom Cappuccilli

Dom Cappuccilli combines the power of a trained storyteller with the real world experience of an elite salesperson. In fact, he became an elite salesperson because he was a trained storyteller, which is why he is uniquely positioned to help you develop and perfect the story that will sell your product.

Dom attended the top-rated S.I. Newhouse School of Journalism at Syracuse University and became a sports and human interest reporter. While pursuing postgraduate work in screenwriting at UCLA, the founder of a fast-growing healthcare company requested Dom’s creativity to help tell a better sales story. Within 6 months, he doubled the company’s revenue by reimagining their sales. It was then that Dom started to realize the true potential of storytelling in business.


His next step saw him rise to sales leader at unicorn startup ZocDoc—currently valued at $1.8B—before joining Arches Technology as Vice President of Business Development. There, he created, oversaw, and successfully sold an entirely new patient education product line to cancer centers and health systems. While at Arches, Dom met many entrepreneurs and was amazed that almost all of them were succeeding in spite of their sales story, not because of it. After working with him for just a few hours, they started to see significant jumps in close rates and in many cases, six-figure increases in revenue! The Clean Sell was born soon thereafter and has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs find their story and grow their business since.


“It’s impossible to measure all the value The Clean Sell has provided to our systems and business as a whole.”

–Anthony Marrone |  Founder, The Marrone Law Firm, Author & Serial Entrepreneur