How it Works

Stories sell. Come discover yours today.


Step 1

Recon  /

Diagnose The Problem


Think of this as the first chapter in the story of our work together — where the scene is set.

Before we can fix your pitch, we need to know what’s working, what’s not, and what the missing pieces are. We will take a deep dive into your current pitch and break it down in a way you never have before. 

This includes a full audit of any sales and marketing materials you have to help you understand the story you're currently telling to your clients as well as a deep dive with you and your team on the sales process to understand where the logjam is.




Step 2

Rebuild  /

Craft Your Sales Story From The Ground Up


At the heart of every great business is a compelling sales story that takes the person listening on an emotional journey and leads to action. Although it might seem like magic, it’s not. It’s about point of view, structure and detail. We’ll show you what’s behind the magic and build your customized story--block by block. 

Within the week, you’ll have a brand new elevator pitch, discovery call and full presentation scripts in your hands. You’ll also have a fundamental understanding of how to use the power of story to sell your product. This new story and structure has helped our clients increase their close rate by an average of 25%. 



Step 3

Refine /

Make Your Sales Story Sing

Never in history has a perfect story been written. That is to say, a great thing can always be made even better. This continued coaching program allows us to focus on the refinement of existing pitches, or even the development of new ones through listening, adjusting and reiterating together. 

Think of it like having your own VP of sales or business development on demand--without any of the overhead.




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