Small Business Owners

You knew you could do it better than the company you were working for, so you started your own business. Things have gone well and you’ve had success, but you have a sneaking suspicion that something is off. You should be closing more and better deals than you are right now, but you don’t quite know what’s wrong.

When a subject-matter expert starts a business it’s usually because they have an expertise or skill that is needed in the market. They’re experts at what they do, but that expertise does not include sales. Whether they like it or not though, the sales burden falls on them. Most small business owners are not putting sales best practices into action in their strategy, pitch or process. And, they’re losing out on significant revenue because of it.

We’ve worked with dozens of small business owners to give them both structure, process and coaching they need to take their business to the next level. Below are just a few of the ways we can work with you. Interested in working together? Schedule a time to talk here.


Outsourced VP Of Sales Package

Monthly Retainer

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Objective — To improve sales skills through live feedback, increase conversion rates and provide training and support on a daily basis. Includes:

  • Weekly pipeline review meeting.

  • Unlimited Availability via Slack, Email and Phone.

  • Coaching on live opportunities (up to 3 per month).



Discovery Call Workshop

One-Time Fee

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Objective — To create an intro call script and outline that is specific to your business, in line with best practices and can be used to reliably close business.  Includes:

  • Audit three recorded calls prior to the workshop.

  • Create a customized training on the sales skills you need most.

  • 4-hour workshop to build a customized sales call script for your business.

  • Deliver full sales call script with structured outline.

  • One complimentary coaching session to help with execution.



Story That Sells Workshop

One-Time Fee

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Objective — To create a problem-focused educational core sales story that brings your prospect through the buying journey. Includes:

  • Audit of all sales/marketing materials.

  • 4-hour workshop to create customized commercial insight based sales story.

  • Final deliverable of core sales story outline, elevator pitch and email outreach script

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