Create an Engaging Story That Sells


Selling is no longer about the stuff you make, but the stories you tell.  

Business isn’t going as well as it should. Even though you’re getting good feedback, your leads are losing steam and aren’t closing—and you’re not sure exactly why.

One word: story

You know the story of your business. But chances are you may not be so good at addressing the key problem that your business solves. Understanding—and articulating—your customer’s problem is the secret key to closing their business. What are their biggest pain points? Why do these exist? What does inaction cost? And, most importantly, how you can help them solve these problems. Telling this story in a way your prospect can relate to is the only way to get them to buy what you’re selling — and to buy it now.

This is where we come in. 


The Clean Sell is a sales consultancy founded by award-winning sales expert and seasoned storyteller, Dom Cappuccilli. In his Story That Sells package, Dom does a full audit and breakdown of your current sales process and then collaborates with you using the combined power of your deep knowledge of your product and a tested sales and story paradigm to write a story that will truly sell your product or service.

You're then provided with a completely new narrative about your company that includes a fresh elevator pitch and structured quick and full versions of pitch scripts. Once you have this story, it will become the backbone of every communication you have about your business. Our clients have not only used it to increase conversions by an average of 25%, for many is has become the foundation for their content, campaigns, new initiatives, website structure, and more.

Stories sell. Come discover yours.