The Clean Sell has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs demystify the sales process and create a simple and efficient sales effort.

Most founders start a business because they have a technical or subject matter expertise and see a hole in the market. That expertise rarely extends to sales, but the burden of building and executing an effective and efficient sales process is still put on their shoulders. This is why 9 out of 10 new companies fail and 72% of those who fail cite the reason as either “no market need” or “ran out of cash” (source: Fortune Magazine). In other words, they couldn’t show sustainable sales growth! Here’s why:

  • Until your company shows growth, you can’t afford a senior sales leader.

  • Without senior sales leadership, it’s very hard to grow effectively or reliably.

  • You’re an expert in your industry and product, not sales.

  • As the founder, the sales burden falls on your shoulders whether you have an expertise or not.

The Clean Sell bridges this critical gap for our clients at every stage in a company’s lifecycle. Select the stage of growth that is most applicable to your business to find the right offering for you: