Six Months To Scale

Through pure will, a great network and a fantastic product or service you’ve proven that there is a need in the market. Congratulations! Now, it’s time to scale up your sales effort and move beyond your network into a repeatable outbound sales process. This is a critical inflection point for a growing business. If you prove scalability, you’re off to the races - Series B, acquisition, IPO. If you can’t show scalability, you’re just another business that was hot for a minute and flamed out. Yet, even with the stakes this high, most founders take the exact wrong steps:

  • They make an expensive and risky hire by bringing in a VP of sales with industry experience and expect them to “handle sales”. This hire and forget it approach rarely works (the average tenure of a VP of sales is 18 months) and there is a huge cost in both lost time and money.

  • The bring in cheaper junior-level salespeople, but because these inexperienced executors don’t have a set sales process and structure to follow, they flounder.

  • The founder does it themselves, but because they’re subject matter experts in their industry and craft (and that craft is not sales) their sales strategy is full of inefficiencies and not in line with best practices. Not to mention, the 500 other things they have on their plates.

At such a critical juncture, a step in the wrong direction could cost you everything so it’s important you avoid the pitfalls. Having built and executed sales strategies for numerous companies as employees and consultants, we can bridge this gap for you. And, we’ll do what usually takes years in just six months.


Scalable Sales Transition Package

three To Six MOnths

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 3.35.19 PM.png

In just two quarters, you’ll have a real-world and proven sales strategy, a full pipeline and a sales team that has been shown exactly how to be successful.

The first step we take e will work with you to identify what you’re doing right and wrong right now and give you some quick wins. From there, we let the market speak. Our team secures feedback conversations with real-world target customers to systematically test the assumptions your internal team has about the market. We then use the findings of these conversations (along with our sales acumen) to build a structured and scalable go-to-market approach in line with best practices.

However, having a plan means nothing until we bring it out into the real world. In the next calendar quarter, our team will execute that plan and build your initial outbound enterprise pipeline. In the end, you’ll have a proven and honed sales playbook, a team that has been taught how to execute that plan and a pipeline full of pilot clients.

Month 1 —  Audit - Our team conducts a full deep dive of your entire sales process and speak with current and former customers to identify what is working and what is not. We’ll use this to get up to speed and give your team some quick changes that will make a big difference.

Month 2-3 — Let The Market Speak - We test your (and our) assumptions about the target market by securing conversations with real-world target customers to ensure we have product/market fit, are pursuing the right pilot market, that our messaging is optimal.

Month 3-6 — Execute And Hone - We don’t leave you with a fancy report and tell you to do all the work. Our team takes all the learnings so far goes out and executes your go-to-market strategy, making adjustments along the way. Not only will we build, manage and the initial pipeline we create, we’ll end the engagement with a fully formed and tested sales playbook that we’ll train your team to execute before we leave.