New Business Launch

Launching a new business, business line or market is full of unknowns and assumptions. Most companies and innovation teams make hugely consequential strategic decisions without truly understanding their target customer and market. These decisions have tremendous financial and operational costs and they shouldn’t be made in the dark — though they so often are. Our team will shine a light. It’s critical to get information and real-world feedback not only on your product, but the daily problems, needs, pains and goals of your target customer. This feedback is vital for understanding:

  • Does my product solve a problem that my clients care about solving?

  • Where does that problem rank for my target customer?

  • What are the costs if that problem is not solved?

  • How are they solving it today?

  • What are the alternative solutions out there?

  • Which industry sector has the biggest problem and the deepest pockets?

  • Which titles at the organization are responsible for the problem my product solves?

  • What’s the best approach and medium to get these contacts’ attention?

  • How do decisions get made by your target customer?

  • What type of investment is your client willing to make

  • What are budget cycles like?

The list goes on…

Until you speak to the actual people you will be selling to about their needs, pains and goals (not about your product), the answers to these vital questions are nothing more than an educated guess. Our team has worked with clients ranging from startups to the innovation teams at several Fortune 500 companies inform these critical business decision. We take a scientific and data driven approach to form and validate assumptions about an unproven product or business line as well as gain critical perspectives to inform go-to-market strategy. And best of all, we do it in less than two months:

Week 1 — We work with your team to identify all of your assumptions about the market, and create a hypothesis for your target customer profile and go-to-market strategy and messaging.

Week 2 — We create a list of industry experts and potential target customers for your approval. Once approved, we launch outreach to secure one-hour meetings with these targets.

Week 3-5 — We conduct interviews with these contacts (while you listen in) using our expertise in sales and market development to ask the right questions to get objective data on our assumptions. After each call, we adjust those assumptions and drive further into the nuances.

Week 6 — We deliver a full report that includes a validation grid with the results, a page for each assumption with supporting quotes for the findings, and recommendations for moving forward.

Once this process is complete, not only will you have an incredible amount of fresh insight to help you make informed business decisions, you will also have a fresh pipeline of potential pilot clients when you’re ready to launch.

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