“Not only has our close rate increased significantly, but our new clients are excited and eager to start working with us to solve their problems.”

– Jaime Rosenzweig, Co-Founder, Websavant Digital Market Agency


"In one half-day I learned more than the dozens of books on sales and business I’ve read in the past few years. Although the deliverable of a new pitch was immediately helpful in closing more sales, it’s the paradigm shift that is the hidden gold. I finally understand that closing a deal isn’t about being pushy, it’s about putting yourself in your client’s shoes and seeing the world from their perspective."


— Anthony Marrone Founder, The Marrone Law Firm
& author of Social Media Marketing For Lawyers


"Working with Dom has been amazing. In a single day, the shyness and fear I associated with "cold outreach" campaigns was gone - and replaced with a clear, tactical guide for researching, reaching out to, and following up with leads. Within the first three months of working with him, we added over six figures that resulted directly from putting his methods into action."


Jean Tang | Founder, Marketsmiths & TedX speaker


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