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Sales Training For Non-Salespeople

Any client-facing role at your organization has a built-in sales component whether the word “sales” is in the title or not. Unfortunately, your non-sales employees don’t want to believe that.

It’s a good bet that even the word sales makes them cringe and picture a sleazy used car dealer pushing someone to buy. This attitude leads to a lack of experience, training — and an interest in learning how to better perform the sales function of their job. Meanwhile, your bottom line suffers.With this lack of knowledge and attitude, your employees are chronically underutilized in the vital role they play in helping your business grow. 


In this 90-minute customized workshop, the founder and CEO of The Clean Sell consulting firm, Dom Cappuccilli, will work with your employees to de-mystify the sales process and put a structure and process they can easily follow that positions them as problem solvers rather than salespeople. He works in real-time with your staff to build a customized playbook for the sales function of their job by teaching them the structure of a sound sales story (whatever that means for your organization).

This collaborative environment not only gives your employees a new approach and skillset to better execute the sales function of their job, it gives ownership and buy-in that leads to more enthusiasm for this function. Your employees will be happier and so will your bottom line!

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Dom tailored his workshop to our specific need to create a more approachable sales strategy for a team whose primary role is not sales. Through storytelling tactics rather than a typical aggressive sales strategy, the sales process has become simplified and less intimidating. Since the workshop we have seen an increase in conversion as well as a revitalization of morale."
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Other Workshops


Are You Telling A Story That Sells?


In this 60-minute keynote speech, you’ll learn the real reason why everyone tells you how great your presentation is and then you hear crickets when it’s time to take the next step in the sale (hint: it has nothing to do with your product!).

In this highly lauded workshop, you will learn the fundamentals and process of crafting a sales story that is well told and fundamentally structured to move your prospect to action. This 45-minute talk followed by a Q&A session for an additional 30-45 minutes.




How You Can Get A Meeting With Anyone


In this 60-minute presentation/conversation you will learn how all the mistakes you would never make when meeting someone socially are the exact mistakes you are making when you reach out to your prospective clients via email. Not only will the proven structure taught in this keynote help you reach out to a business you've never spoken to before, it might just help your personal life as well.

You will learn how to create a genuine business relationship with someone you’ve never met before without being pushy or annoying. It will be a 30-minute talk followed by a Q&A session specific to the businesses in the room (the presentation will be emailed to everyone who attends).